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Posted by marinetales
Asked on May 30, 2021 12:28 am

1. Sound General Emergency Alarm
2. Stop the vessel / Switch on lighting
3. All crew (or passengers) to be mustered (evacuated if required).
4. Display proper lights/shapes (NUC Signal)
5. Ensure all people are accounted for and no one is injured
6. Meanwhile, the Chief Officer shall conduct the Initial damage assessment and check for the extent for the four elements -
- Watertight integrity of the Hull
- Weather the Engine Room is flooded or not
- Report on Casualty - render first aid if required
- Report on any pollution - Observe for ship’s surroundings

Assessment of the extent of damage shall be done -
1. By visual inspection of the area of the impact. Calculate the rate of the flooding by acquiring soundings
2. Visually estimate the size of the area damaged
3. Check damage stability by means of loadicator
4. Consider other factors such as Risk of fire/toxic fumes etc

7. The results and findings for the above shall be presented to Master and accordingly the communication to concerned parties shall be done
8. Be ready to Abandon if the situation deteriorates (which shall include preparing Lifesaving appliances and Survival Craft)
9. Contact other vessel and confirm the safety of the crew there
10. Check if the other vessel requires any assistance, if yes render the same without endangering the safety of the own vessel/crew
11. Follow the flag state procedures for identification of the vessel/exchange of required documents and letters and notification to flag state within the stipulated time frame
Such information will at least include -
Name of the involved ship, port of registry and last and next destination
12. Maintain records (log entry)
13. Damage control party shall be standby
14. Close all W/T doors and Fire door and start Bilge pump on affected areas
15. Depending upon how the circumstances unfold the decision for abandoning the vessel shall be taken. If the vessel is flooding continuously and Damage Stability
16. Assessment shows that the vessel shall not remain afloat, the procedures to abandon the ship shall be adopted
17. Assuming that the vessel is not flooding further - and the vessel is capable of maneuvering, the vessel shall navigate at slow speed under proper light/shape signals.
18.If the vessel is not capable of maneuvering, appropriate and timely assistance shall be requested
19. Any Pollution occurred shall be reported to the appropriate authorities in accordance with the vessel’s SOPEP Manual
20. The VDR should be backed up immediately

Posted by marinetales
Answered On May 30, 2021 12:32 am