Actions in case of Man Over Board (MOB) situation?

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Asked on May 30, 2021
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1. Release lifebuoy with light and smoke signal on the side the crew member has fallen overboard
2. Take immediate avoiding action so as not to run over the man overboard
3. Sound three prolonged blast of the ships whistle and repeat if necessary
4. Post a lookout with binoculars and instruction to maintain a continuous watch on the man overboard
5. Hoist signal flag ‚O‘
6. Commence a recovery maneuver, such as a Williamson turn or a single turn (Refer to wheel house poster)
7. Engage hand steering, if helmsman available
8. Note ship’s position. Wind speed and direction and time
9. Inform Master, if not already on the bridge
10. Inform engine room
11. Place engines on stand-by
12. Muster rescue boat’s crew
13. Prepare rescue boat for possible launching
14. Distribute portable VHF radios for communication
15. Rig pilot ladder/nets to assist in the recovery
16. Make ship’s position available to radio room/GMDSS station
17.Broadcast URGENCY message to ships in the vicinity

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Posted by marinetales
Answered on May 30, 2021