As a Master what all will you brief the Chief Engineer regarding the Voyage planning?

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Asked on June 9, 2021
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Following shall be briefed and discussed with Chief Engineer for the voyage -

1. The complete overview of the voyage and speed and consumption requirements as per the Charter Party
2. Points in the voyage where we need engines on Maneuvering speed and require engine room to be manned on UMS classes ships
3. The weather most likely to be encountered during the voyage
4. Important legs in the voyage such as entering ECA areas / other Special Areas
5. The total estimated consumption of the voyage as per calculation and will the vessel be having sufficient ROB's
6. Local regulations which are needed to be complied with
7. Status of machinery and any overhauling which is or will be overdue during the course of the voyage
8. Estimated port stay and readiness of Cargo loading / discharging gears (cranes and grabs) if being used
9. Stores and spares being received and any urgent items required

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Posted by seawizard
Answered on June 11, 2021