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    marinetales November 4, 2020
    Fire fighting suit’s depending upon the type, can be made from different materials. Earlier, asbestos was widely used. Currently owing to hazardous properties of Asbestos, its usage is discontinued. Modern suits can be made up of Materials such as Zetex or vermiculite.
    marinetales November 4, 2020
    Usually the DCP powder is a mix of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. Sometimes mono ammonium phosphate together with ammonium sulphate is also used.
    marinetales October 27, 2020
    Dipper is used to take out drinking water from the container.... it is graduated so that water quantity can be measured. It is provided with a lanyard so that the water can be taken out from the container without spilling over since once in distress situation you need to save every drop of water!
    marinetales August 23, 2020
    The FPD or Fall preventer device has two ends usually fitted D-Shackle arrangement for fixing manually. One end is fixed to the Floating Block of the Lifeboat falls and the other end is fixed to the Eye on the Boat. The attached picture shows the arrangement.
    marinetales August 23, 2020
    The boat hook is Mainly used for docking/undocking of boat. Additionally, it may be used to retrieve fallen objects from the sea.
    marinetales May 14, 2021
    When the Life Raft inflates the excess pressure is released from the Pressure Relief Valve. Also during the high ambient temperature the excess pressure is released from the Pressure Relief Valve. Stabilizing pockets are small pockets attached at the underside of the life raft. They fill with water and prevent the life raft from capsizing. They provide stabilization to the life raft. Pic attached below.
    marinetales May 13, 2021
    I presume we are talking about wet chemical type extinguishers used in extinguishing deep fat fryer fires. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers contain a liquid extinguishing agent which is used to smother fires ignited from cooking oils and fats. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are filled with potassium, which cools and lowers the temperature of the fire, therefore stopping the fire from spreading.