How to load cargo not listed in IMSBC code?

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Asked on June 5, 2021
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In case the cargo is not listed in the IMSBC Code -

1. Prior to loading, the shipper needs to provide details of characteristics and properties of the cargo to the competent authority at the port of loading
2. Competent Authority will assess basis its properties. If the cargo belongs to group A or B, the competent authority has to set the conditions for carriage. If the cargo belongs to Group C, the competent authorities at the discharge port and flag state to be contacted regarding the authorization for carriage.
3. In both cases, the competent authority at port of loading shall issue a certificate to the Master stating the properties and hazards of cargo. IMO shall be informed to include this cargo in the IMSBC Code.

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Posted by seawizard
Answered on June 5, 2021