How will you carry out Crankcase inspection of air compressor?« Back to Questions List

Posted by seawizard
Asked on June 12, 2021 12:16 am

Carrying out Crankcase inspection of air compressor -

▪ Take permission from C/E
▪ Put notice and stop the circuit breaker
▪ Let the compressor be cooled
▪ Open the crankcase door
▪ Ventilate it and arrange sufficient lighting (naked light should not use)
▪ Comply with relevant checklist and obtain work permit
▪ Take personal safety
▪ Check connecting rod bottom end bearing free movement by using screw driver
▪ Check the main bearing and its clearance
▪ Nut and bolt tightness
▪ Presence of any metal chips in LO
▪ Lo suction strainer
▪ LO quality, sludge formation, colour and viscosity
▪ Check liner O ring

Posted by seawizard
Answered On June 12, 2021 12:18 am