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Asked on June 14, 2021 3:26 pm

1. Annual survey
All ships are required to be surveyed at intervals of approximately one year (+ / - 3 months) i.e Anniversary date. During this survey the survey has to examine loadline items, Life saving appliances, fire fighting arrangements, Safety equipments, Bridge and Radio equipments and records etc. Items inspected are ventilators, hull structure, bulkheads, water tight doors, firefighting appliances, windlass, rudder, steering gear, all safety items, emergency machinery.

2. Docking survey (2.5 yearly, twice in 5 years but not more than 3 years)
During this survey the vessel is dry docked so as to facilitate inspection of underwater fittings and hull. Particular attention is to be paid to the underwater shell plating. Stern frame, rudder, propeller, hull fittings and all hull parts. This can be exempted for few ships and replaced with a In Water Survey.

3. Special survey (4 years, 12 months are allowed)
These surveys become due at 5 years intervals. The list 5 years from the date of built or date of special survey. During special surveys, the holds, peaks, deep tanks, DB tank, bilges, tank tops are inspected. In the way any corroded parts, the thickness of the plating must be determining during this survey.

4. Renewal survey (5 years)
This survey is carried out by allowing all compartments of the hull or parts of the machinery that require a periodic survey are opened for survey and testing. It is carried out 5 years interval.

5. Repair survey:
Following repairs, a survey is again conducted in which a surveyor again assesses the status of the vessel to ascertain if she has been restored to a condition meeting requirement.Temporary repairs may be permitted by issuance of an appropriate recommendation or condition of class. Where repairs are carried out at a place where the surveyor services are not available, survey must be carried out at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

6. Damage survey:
A damage survey is performed to access the extent of damage sustained, to compile a list of recommended repairs and estimated cost to return the vessel to its condition before the incident. A damage survey is required by insurance companies when a claim has been submitted. It is part of a claim investigation to establish the probable cause and extent of damage.

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