Severe rolling on passenger ship, how will you opt for crisis management

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Asked on July 1, 2021
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Following shall be done in case a passenger ship is experiencing severe rolling -

1.Use of stabilizers shall be considered
2.The passengers shall be briefed regarding the hazards of severe rolling including the possibility of injury. Access to outdoor decks shall be stopped.
3. Reduce chances of panic by periodic briefing and updates
3. Securing / lashing of loose objects
4. Re - routing the vessel
5. Adjustments to course and speed shall be done in order to minimize effects of rolling and pitching
6. Crew to put down non-slip mats and add signage reminding passengers to exercise caution when walking
7. Medical assistance to passengers experiencing motion and sea sickness.
8. Postponing of all entertainment activities (if applicable)
9. Carry out a detailed risk assessment of the situation and apply control measures accordingly

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Posted by marinetales
Answered on July 1, 2021