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What all Checks will you carry out for SCBA?
Posted by Rajat
Asked on August 16, 2020 12:36 am

Following shall be carried out for the maintenance of SCBA:

Visual Checks -

1. Check Face Mask for scratches
2. Check Rubber components (face seal and tubing) for cracks etc
3. Check straps for tightness and fraying
4. Check condition of cylinder
5. Check the condition of belts
6. Check condition of tubings and gauges

Operational Checks -

1. Check bottle pressure by opening the valve and closing the demand valve
2. meanwhile, check for air seal in the face mask
3. Release the pressure and try operation of low level whistle/alarm
4. Turn off the bottle valve

Posted by marinetales
Answered On May 20, 2021 3:34 pm