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Asked on August 26, 2021 1:12 am

Following correctors are used in Magnetic Compass -

1. Corrector Magnets: In the lower part of binnacle there are several horizontal holes, both F & A and athwart ships for 'hard iron' or 'permanent' corrector magnets which are meant to offset undesirable, disturbing, magnetic effects caused by ship's steel hull.

2. Heeling Error Bucket: At the centre in the vertical brass tube, this bucket slides. This is held in position by a brass chain. Error caused is due to ship heeling which causes the vertical magnetic force to have a horizontal component.

3. Quadrantal Correctors: Soft iron spheres which are fitted in brackets, one on other side of binnacles, intended to correct the compass deviation [quadrantal deviation] resulting from induced magnetism from ship's steel.

4. Flinders Bar: Soft iron corrector, diameter 7.5 - 10cms, inserted in a 60cm long brass case, fitted vertically on the forward or the after part of binnacle. If the ship has more superstructure abaft the compass, this is fitted on the forward part and vice versa. It is used to counteract the vertical component induced within the ship.

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Answered On August 26, 2021 2:22 pm