What all preparations are required to be done prior anchoring the vessel?« Back to Questions List

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Asked on July 5, 2021 4:34 pm

Following considerations and planning shall be carried out prior carrying out the anchoring -

(a) The position of letting go or walking back the anchor would be defined.
(b) The depth of water on site would be noted to estimate scope of cable.
(c) The state of tide at the time of intended anchoring, together with the rise of tide between the high water and low water marks.
(d) The type of holding ground as shown on the chart.
(e) That the intended anchorage is clear of underwater obstructions.
(f) That there is an adequate swinging room, clear of surface obstructions.
(g) With the ship’s draught, the under keel clearance throughout the operation is adequate.
(h) Whether to use one or two anchors.
(i) The proximity of other shipping or through traffic.
(j) The position fixing methods available.
(k) The speed of approach and positions of reducing speed.
(l) The types of anchors being used and their respective holding power.
(m) Any local hazards that could effect a safe anchorage, e.g. outfalls.
(n) The wind direction and local weather conditions at the time of operation.
(o) The shelter offered by the proposed anchorage site.
(p) That the anchor party is briefed as to the relevant details and signals to display.

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Answered On July 5, 2021 4:36 pm