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Posted by marinetales
Asked on June 17, 2021 7:31 pm

As per SOLAS Chapter I-2, part A regulation 4 -

1. Passenger ships of 1000 GRT and upwards and in cargo ships of 2000 GRT and upwards must have fixed emergency fire pump independently driven by a self-cooled compression ignition engine or an electric motor driven by electric power.
2. It must be located outside the E/R room, in the steering flat or in forward part of the ship.
3. It must have own suction; total suction head should not exceed 4.5 meters under all conditions of list or trim.
4. Pump capacity must not be less than 40 % of total required capacity of the fire pumps 25m3/hr and must be able to deliver two ½ inches bore jet of water having a horizontal throw not less than 40 ft.
5. If the pump is fitted above the water level, priming arrangement must be fitted.
6. If diesel engine driven, (a) Easily started in cold condition (zero-degree C by hand cranking), (b) Fuel tank for engine shall contain sufficient to run on full load for at least 3 hrs and (c) Sufficient reserve fuel for 15 hrs, store outside the machinery space. (d) The prime mover engine should be of manual/ battery/ hydraulic start type which can
be started and operated by one man
7. If motor driven: a heating arrangement must be provided which is also supplied from the emergency switchboard power.

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Answered On June 17, 2021 7:32 pm