What are Type A ships as per the Load Line Convention?

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Asked on June 1, 2021
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Type A ships are -

1. Designed to carry liquid in bulk.
2. Has a high integrity of exposed deck with small openings to cargo compartments, which are covered with W/T gasket covers of steel, low permeability of cargo spaces.
3. If ship>=150 mtrs she must be able to withstand flooding in any one compartment longitudinally and more than one compartment transversely and shall remain afloat in 4. condition of equilibrium.
5. Machinery spaces treated as a floodable compartment (p=85%) for other compartments (p=95%).
6. They should strictly follow Table A for freeboard assigned which cannot be altered.
7. Machinery spaces to be enclosed in casing protected by the W/T doors.

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Posted by seawizard
Answered on June 1, 2021