What information is discussed in between Master of the ship and the Marine Pilot during the initial Master/Pilot exchange?

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Asked on July 1, 2021
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Following shall be discussed during the Master Pilot Information Exchange -

(a) The Pilot Card, listing the ship’s criteria, handling facilities, specialized equipment, engine details, critical revolutions and respective vessel speeds.
(b) The mutual agreement of the proposed passage plan to be seen to be either acceptable or requiring amendments from the Pilots local knowledge. Adequate under keel clearance throughout the passage being a prominent issue.
(c) Details of current navigation warnings, special operations and any specific communication systems in operation, e.g. Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) check positions if such a system is in place.
(d) Current status of the ship’s course, engine condition, anchors, Bridge Team, any equipment defects, instrumentation familiarity and details of gyro errors, etc.
(e) Voyage/docking details such as to taking tugs yes/no, if so at what rendezvous, docking pilot being taken on, anchors to be employed, what side to, moorings and gangway details, etc.

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Answered on July 1, 2021