What is a Oxygen Analyzer? How does it work?

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Asked on May 26, 2021
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Oxygen Analyzer is an equipment used to measure the oxygen content of a given atmosphere
A sample of atmosphere is introduced into the sensor using an aspirator and is passed through a sensor which can be any of the three types -
> Paramagnetic Sensor - this sensor uses the paramagnetic property of the Oxygen gas. A magnetic needle is suspended between the two magnets. The sample is passed over this magnet which gets deflected due to paramagnetic property of the oxygen. The opposing current is used to bring the needle back to its original position is calculated and is shown as the oxygen concentration
> Electrolytic sensor - oxygen is allowed to pass in an electrolytic cell separated in a liquid which absorbs (from the sample) and the value of current is noted
> Chemical absorption liquid - oxygen (from the sample) is absorbed in a liquid which causes change in volume and that volume is measured and read out as the percentage of oxygen present

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Posted by marinetales
Answered on May 26, 2021