What is the maintenance routine for Air Compressor?

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Asked on June 11, 2021
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Maintenance Routine for Air Compressor

Every 250 hours
▪ Clean suction air filter
▪ Check and clean up the un-loader
▪ Check the belt tension

Every 500 hours
▪ Check lube oil and clean sump
▪ Clean lube oil filter
▪ Check and renew suction and discharge valves with overhauled one

Every 1000 hours
▪ Crankcase inspection, main and big end bearing, inspection
▪ Relief valve overhauling
▪ Inter cooler cleaning

Every 4000 hours
▪ Piston and big end bearing overhauling
▪ Piston ring renew
▪ Motor overhauling

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Posted by seawizard
Answered on June 11, 2021