What precautions and safety actions shall be taken during and before bunkering?

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Asked on July 2, 2021
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A vessel can take on bunkers from a bunker barge on the offshore side or alternatively from shore side facilities. In any event the following activities should be carried out:

(a) Seal all deck scuppers before commencing to take on bunkers.
(b) Display the red light signal or ‘B’ Bravo Flag by day.
(c) Additional ‘No Smoking’ signs displayed at the gangway and deck outlets.
(d) No unauthorized personnel allowed on board and gangway watch set.
(e) Three-way communication link tested between (i) the manifold; (ii) the pumping station and (iii) the tank top ullage port.
(f) Ships Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) checklist observed.
(g) Fire precautions set in a position of readiness.
(h) Drip trays in position under flange/pipe connections.
(i) Anti-spillage equipment readily available.
(j) Double access established.
(k) Adequate manpower on deck throughout, especially during topping off.
(l) Log Book entries made on commencement and finish.
(m) Notation in the Oil Record Book on completion.

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Answered on July 2, 2021