What precautions are taken to load DG Goods in packaged form?« Back to Questions List

Posted by marinetales
Asked on May 24, 2021 8:54 pm

1. Dangerous Goods to be stowed safely and appropriately according to the nature of the goods
2. Segregation to be done as per the requirements of the IMDG
3. Refer to the IMDG Code and refer to the cargo to be loaded with regards to its compatibility, hazards, stowage and segregation
4. Appropriate international code of signals by day and night to be displayed
5. No bunkering operation during loading and discharging
6. Wireless transmission to be done at low power
7. Radar not to be operated during loading and discharging
8. Loading to be stopped if the weather turns rough
9. Defective packages not to be accepted
10. Port regulations to be complied with
11. DG to be properly marked with its technical name, shipping name and UN No and EmS No

Additionally for explosives,
Explosives to be stowed in magazines
No electric cables to pass through magazines
Explosives should be stowed in cool, dry well ventilated space away from the water, hot bulkhead and decks
Explosives should be stowed away from the accommodation
Mast to be fitted with lightening conductors

Posted by marinetales
Answered On May 25, 2021 5:58 pm