You sight a vessel aground, on a bearing of approximately one (1) point off the port bow. Your action as OOW?

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Asked on July 21, 2021
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Place the engines on ‘stand-by’ and the situation may make it necessary to take all way off my own ship. Further actions would include:

(a) Advising the Master of the situation of the vessel aground.
(b) Carrying out a ‘chart assessment’ to include my own ship’s position and the position of the vessel aground.
(c) Switch on the echo sounder and note the Under keel Clearance.
(d) Position lookouts and turn from auto pilot to manual steering.
(e) Communicate with the vessel aground, with station identification, obtaining the draught of the aground vessel and the time of grounding.
(f) Carry out an assessment of the extent of the shoal that the vessel has run aground on.

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Posted by marinetales
Answered on July 21, 2021