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July 5, 2020
Compass rose
What exactly is a Compass ‘Rose’?
July 9, 2020

We are sailors; we’re rugged, able men of the sea,

Braving the oceans to the highest degree.

We’re in on the ebb, were out on the flood,

We’re born upon the sea bed, salt waters in our blood.

We fight the tide, were never aground,

We trample the globe all bulged and round.

We steer the courses: gyro, compass and true,

Under the blanket of skies both: gray and blue.

We respect the oceans; we don’t scatter the oil,

We earn our bread, we slog we toil.

We work by the hour and dance to the clock,

We steer past clear of that tall, drying rock.

We fight the current, we split the waves,

We challenge nature, ‘cos we know God saves.

We deliver the goods in every form,

We comply with the laws, codes, and the norm.

In port we run to the nearest phone,

Speak to loved ones ‘cos we are all alone.

Bottle some grog, drown our sorrow,

But were up on time for our watch tomorrow.

We cover our emotions, our tears run dry,

We miss family and home as months go by

But we are sailors, we are rugged, mighty men of the sea

We belong to the ocean that’s second home to me!

About the poet: Eldren Goes

Currently sailing as Chief Officer, Eldren is an ardent writer and an amazing poet. His articles have been published on leading maritime platforms.


  1. Sarala Raju says:

    Lovely poem eddy.. happy your poem is getting published on different platforms.. way to go.. keeping writing..

  2. Glen says:

    Well written Eddy. Lots of emotions and raw feeling.
    Keep writing as you sail along.
    With best wishes.